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Black+Decker Pivot Vac

The Black+Decker Lithium Pivot Vac includes an onboard crevice tool and brush that are always at hand to take on any mess, while a distinct pivoting nose function allows easy cleaning for all those hard to reach areas, such as under cabinets, above tall racks, and between sofa cushions. Simply put the Pivot in its stand to charge. For a more thorough tidy, merely remove the entire bowl from the system and clean it in your sink. Filter flicker loosens up embedded particles from filter to improve suction power. the bowl is easily removed and washable.
Get More Power With Black+Decker’s Lithium Pivot has strong suction supplied by the 20V lithium ion battery, a light-weight design for easy carrying, and a standing charging base. The Pivot is not just powerful, but it’s also so compact that it can be stored within simple reach to any mess.
The always all set and practical Black+Decker Lithium Pivot Vac is best for handy cleaning anywhere and anytime. The pivoting functions permits you to obtain into those hard-to-reach spaces, and the high-performance motor delivers strong suction for messes small and big.
An exclusive pivoting nozzle implies big power in a compact size – lets you reach those tough to access locations. Its high efficiency motor offers remarkable suction capability when compared to other Black+Decker cordless hand vacs. The cyclonic action spins dust and particles away from the filter keeping suction power strong.
The Black+Decker Pivot Vac provides a 3-stage purification system with a pleated filter style offers remarkable filtration for clean air exhaust. The wide mouth style scoops up big particles and just turn up the brush to tidy upholstery or extend the crevice to gain access to tight spaces. This system also has a fast charging base that keeps the system charged and devices arranged.
With the Older kind of batteries that lose and fade suction, making it difficult for users to finish their cleansing job before lacking power. Instead, Lithium Ion batteries provide strong suction and fade-free power throughout their usage. Users will now have the self-confidence that they can finish jobs quickly, effectively, and easily with this brand-new Pivot Vac.
The translucent, bag less dirt bowl has 42 percent more capability than the original Pivot Vac and offers a side door function for emptying dirt. For a more extensive clean, merely get rid of the entire bowl from the system and wash it in your sink.

The Black+Decker Lithium Pivot comes with an onboard crevice tool and brush that are constantly at hand to deal with any mess, while a distinctive pivoting nose function allows simple cleansing for all those difficult to reach locations, such as under cabinets, above tall shelves, and in between sofa cushions. Merely position the Pivot in its stand to charge. The Black+Decker Pivot Vac uses a 3-stage purification system with a pleated filter style provides superior filtration for clean air exhaust.

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