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Magix Movie Edit Pro Basic Review

Magix Movie Edit Pro Go To Basic

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro has the new version and we’re going to be looking at the basics of the software which is kind of useful for video editing.

First opening the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro software you see the timeline mode which is a very useful for video editing that you can switch between different modes of viewing your movie.

Timeline Mode

I prefer the timeline mode because is the best for editing your videos,and also you have a chapter mode where you can see the chapters of your movie.

I would recommend the timeline mode to you because you can see files from your hard drive or external hard drives,or files are located there and you can easily switch between the different tabs there.

More Effects for More Productivity

Also MAGIX Movie Edit Pro has a dissolving effects, text effects, movie effects, and this is the preview you can see when editing.

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This is results without you have to export the movie just to see a results on the preview mode and every files can be easily dragged and dropped into your timeline you can drag and drop files also from folders from your storage.

Drag and Drop

Dragging and dropping files into timeline positioner you can zoom in and zoom out just by pressing the shift key on your keyboard and using your mouse wheel then you zoom like this and if you press ctrl and your mouse wheel you zoom like how many minutes you have on your timeline positioner.

If you have longer movies you can zoom out,and you have the overview of these movies so you can easily arrange your objects on the timeline because just drag them and put them where you want them so you can extend and shorten your files.

Holding files on the right side you can push the fire you can shorten it by dragging it to the left side and extending it by dragging it to the right side, of course you can’t extend with your files than they are longer than the footage is.

Extending Images

Let explain image files can be extended as long as you want just arrange your objects that have the movie with soundtrack.

Images files are played at the same time so it doesn’t matter which objects is above another object but to keep it clear you need to arrange the audio files right under the picture and movie files.

Basically you have created a little movie with your video file combined with soundtrack files and two pictures at the end which is a mixed movie slideshow.

Whatsover you can easily create movies by arranging object of object but of course that is not everything.

Let’s look bit deeper into the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro software and look up the video effects which are way more interesting.

Before you can drag and drop files you can drag and drop them onto each other and,you can create automatically a dissolving effect that you can see the two obects fading into each other.

This dissolving effect is created automatically when you put two objects to picture object or movie and the picture objects onto each other and you can create another dissolving effect.

Go into the tap effect and drag and drop your dissolving effect and you view on the left side how the effect looks and transforming and you can just drag and drop this effect into your two objects which are on the top of each other and,you only create another by living up.

Easy Cutting

Cutting your movie is easy just move your timeline positioner where you want to to cut your movie and then you press the T key on your keyboard and then you automatically cut the video at this place and you have two objects like left part of the cut and the right part of the cut and you can move now them the timeline positioner to another place.

Setting another cut by press the T button again and you separated this little part of the video which can be moved around or delete it by clicking delete and you can insert this obect into the free space which you created by deleting the video part.

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Fade Efects

Dragging and dropping the object you can create a fade out effect by clicking on the video file and dragging this little fellow to the right or left side.

If you drag the object to the left side you will fade out effect or dragged it to the right side you will fade in effect so you can see it goes from black to our goes from black to the picture or picture fades out into black and switching the positions you put the file part on the left side so you got a fade in the video beginning and the fat part puting on the right side you will a fade out at the ending which of course does not make any sense from a dramatic point of view.

Watch The Video

Using the basics of the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, and therefore you don’t need any kind of storytelling move to the video effects which are way more interesting.

You have chroma keying effect and you see different color boxes which make some colors in the pictures transparent and,also you can separate some colors which you want to make transparent.

Therefore you have more settings for the transparency and when you drag the obect until the video you can see the video in the background with chroma keying effect on this obect and, more effects than just chroma keying.

Speed Efects

Speed up or slow down your videos just by dragging this little fellow to the right side your video becomes shorter because of course it’s speeded up and if you drag the little fellow to the left side the video becomes a way longer.

Inverse effect

Using a inverse effect makes the video play around not from the beginning to the end but from the end to the beginning.

Also you have the title effect where you can add texts and subtitles to your movie. Clicking on the preview mode you can see text to typing and on the red side you see the features you can use like how should it takes look or what kind of fun to use and what color should a text have and how big should the letters are should be a underline or italic and whatever you want.

Thumb Moving Effects

There a lots of presets and effects for a text thoughts, or a thumb moving effects like the star effect for your text where the letters go into the movie and clicking into the text you can edit it or insert a new text and finishing the text by clicking on the tick on the right corner.

Intro and Outro

Create a intro or outro text whatever you want and, also be shortened as you want.

You can recap the color effects like color saturation where you can increase or decrease the color saturation like red blue and green and the contrast gamma.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro has so many effects you need to look at them by yourself because there a very many effects and you can see it’s basically very much about dragging and dropping stuff in this software which is my printing very to do.


Overall I think that this is actually a good version of the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, really good up-to-date product and if you’re looking for a video editing tool this is must have for the home editor rather than the pro editor and you’re definitely not going to go wrong by buying the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

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